Madrid, Spain


Syndicate architects

The project of a Pan-Asian restaurant and hookah bar is located in Madrid, Spain. The existing room in the building of the late 19th century, which previously served as a passage for carts and a passage for residents of the house, but over time was transformed into a room that people began to use for their needs. Inside the restaurant, there is also a functioning entrance for residents of the house, who, if necessary, can use it as an emergency exit when entering the restaurant space.

Although the project is located in Spain, we decided to offer it the name Dooh (spirit) since the image of spirit and smoke seemed visually similar to us, while it does not have a direct analogy, but allows the visitor to compare and draw parallels between these images. Smoke is spirit.

In addition to serving as a hookah bar, the restaurant will feature Pan-Asian cuisine, as well as a contact bar with a varied mixology, as well as a large wine list.

In the concept, we divided the space and provided several different seating areas. There are both open spaces and more secluded, cozy areas. The interior uses natural wood with a burnt effect, which also has a reference to the theme of hookahs and coal. We use media installations with the projection of various moving content on the walls with different scenarios, such as bulbs, smoke and other content that emphasizes the theme of the restaurant.

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