Imperial apartment






Dnipro, Ukraine


Syndicate architects

Apartments in a modern style are located in the center of the city of Dnipro and are intended for a young family with children. Initially, the space of the future apartment was an exploited roof, which was reconstructed into a living space. The main volume was glazed with panoramic glazing. The client also wanted an open terrace for cozy evenings. The main task was to create a space that provides maximum functionality for a 180-degree view of the city. Competent zoning turned the apartment into a visually clean and bright room, where all technical premises are hidden and do not attract attention.

The accent in the living room is the Planika biofireplace. We used the Sachsenküchen German kitchen. The tabletop and island are made of natural stone (quartz). The rest of the cabinet and upholstered furniture produced by Syndicate architects, SLV and Delta light lamps.

Pay special attention to the wall behind the bed, which in our project we made of American walnut veneer. We diluted this wall with a built-in floor-to-ceiling linear light and a graphite mirror.

A semi-transparent partition made of graphite glass visually separates the bathroom from the bedroom, but does not interfere with the natural lighting of the bathroom. As a result, we created a functional, practical and very stylish space.

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